The combination of love and excitement Taylor and Bree had for each other was so contagious on the day of their wedding. From the moment we walked in there was an atmosphere of joy throughout the gorgeous white barn venue at the White Sparrow. Taylor and his now WIFE Bree shared such special sweet moments together as well as celebrating with all of their friends and family. I LOVE that they let me take them out in the field to run wild with joy just moments after they became husband and wife. I cannot wait to see the joy they bring to everyone they come in contact with because our team would celebrate with them any day.


One of my favorite moments of the day was being there for their first look. As a filmmaker I get the privilege of being a part of some of the most special moments a couple shares on the day of the wedding and get to capture some of the most important memories they will get to share with others, this is definitely one of those moments. What a great picture of the way that Taylor will lead his new wife putting God first even on the biggest day of their lives.


I always love the first dance a couple shares after the ceremony because its such a cool moment to watch how the couple will react to the other even in a large group of people. Taylor and Bree's love for each other is very unashamedly true and their dance shows that. For those that may only see a few short clips of them will know them by their love for each other, and what a wonderful way to be known. By the way, I think we could agree Taylor... your wife has a pretty killer fashion sense as well.