I had been waiting, for what felt like FOREVER. Then one night, I thought we were just grabbing dinner with friends and having a game night, but it turned into the best night of my life.
After dinner, we went back to Stephen’s house and he asked me to come check out something downstairs. When I met him down there, the back door was open to his deck and all I could see were candles, photos and flowers. I immediately knew what was about to happen and started crying (the good kind of tears)!


This is a very special wedding to post for a few reasons. Britni and Stephen's beautiful wedding was held at the White Sparrow where I was married so to revisit the venue and celebrate with them brought back so many memories. I am lucky to say that these two are good friends and so watching them celebrate and become one was such a joyful and emotional memory. Britni's wedding planning skills and Stephen's heart to shower his bride with love make for an incredible day. I am very happy to be sharing this highlight with you all!