Frank had the idea of proposing to his now beautiful fiancé with family and friends all around. When first talking to Frank he spent so much time and attention to every part of the evening so that it would be perfect for her. It was so special to be apart of because even having just met them it was so special to hear all of their memories and watch as he lead her through a journey to eventually get down on one knee and ask if she would be his bride. This was one of the most intimate and special proposals we have been apart of and I am so glad that we were there to be able to capture it.


I had been waiting, for what felt like FOREVER. Then one night, I thought we were just grabbing dinner with friends and having a game night, but it turned into the best night of my life.

After dinner, we went back to Stephen’s house and he asked me to come check out something downstairs. When I met him down there, the back door was open to his deck and all I could see were candles, photos and flowers. I immediately knew what was about to happen and started crying (the good kind of tears)!


Vince and Mariah's beautiful story of two who started dating when they were fifteen just set a wonderful new milestone as Vince asked his long awaited bride to be to marry him. Vince's musical background and Mariah's photography background came together as they enjoyed a beautiful view of Dallas as Vince got down on his knee and asked her to marry him. Even the spectators on the roof could help but cheer and pour champaign to celebrate the new step for this wonderful couple. Congratulations Vince and Mariah!


Zach just made Brittni one of the happiest woman in North Texas! Zach and Brittni's proposal was so special to be apart of because when you get a guy like Zach who puts together so much thought and preparation into a proposal there is bound to be a happy girl on the receiving side. Britni's joy is such a great response to a beautiful start to a new life. The Harbor in Rockwall was where this proposal took place and despite the cold, a beautiful overcast sky and a white lighthouse was the perfect backdrop to a group a friends ready to celebrate with them after.

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