O U R   A P P R O A C H

As a team of filmmakers and photographers, we love being able to mix the art of documentary styles with an editorial touch. In our eyes, a wedding should not be produced, but captured. There will not be a crew of people directing you on your wedding day, nor will there be a shoot for our portfolio. We aim to blend in with your wedding party as we make relationships with you and your guests, engaging them to react and share with you in the joy of your special day. 

In every wedding we strive for crisp clean beautiful images that will tell the story of your day. Focusing on our tools so that we can provide, focussed well lit images, crisp clean audio, well lit and well colored video, and moments with your family and guests that you will get to look back on and remember.

Launched in 2014, Dapper and Dame is a wedding brand that strives to bring about class and excellence with every image. Striving for excellence is shown through the way the couple feels as we are invited to be a part of documenting their day in a way that will make others want to look back at the images and re-live the special day everyone worked so hard to put together. 

Detail in every aspect of the day is as important to us as the happiness of the couple and the wedding party. With so many different vendors and arrangements to take care of, we hope to provide an experience that is helpful to the bride and groom so that they can enjoy their day without the stress of wondering how and if everything going on will be captured.

F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

How many people will be shooting my wedding?
In most cases there will be a team of two of us shooting at all times and three of us when booked for Video and Photography. We like to make sure we can capture many angles as well as keeping our team small enough to blend in.

When will my photos and video be finished?
We spend 6-8 weeks carefully editing and retouching all photos and video and will post a few sneak peek photos within the first week.

How long are you at the wedding?
This is all based on your wedding day. We want to tell the whole story so we arrive at the beginning of the wedding day to make sure to get all the fun preparations, anticipation, and decor details. We keep shooting all the way until you drive off and are on your way to the honeymoon.