Natalie and Connor shared their love story in the mountains of Vail Colorado. They decided to get married on the mountain side with a few of their closest friends and family and then share their ceremony back home in Dallas with a big reception. Natalie and Connor are some of our friends as well so getting to be with them as they got ready to exchange their vows was very special.  One of my favorite parts of their day was watching how happy they were during every part of the morning. They are so sweet and I am very excited to share their highlight film with you.


the wedding of

Matt and Courtney

It is with much joy that I get to share one of my favorite weddings to day! Courtney and Matt are so special to me becauseI got the opportunity to live with Courtney's family for two summers and she is like a sister to me. I am so excited to share this gallery.

the wedding of


This summer we got the opportunity to shoot photos and video for Luke and Amanda. They were one of the sweetest couples and had such a special fun day filled with dancing, ice cream trucks, and some amazing photo ops.

the wedding of

Brandon and Jules

Jules and Brandon exuded peace and joy as they celebrated their wedding day. As everyone spoke of both Brandon and Jules they talked about their character and how they were going to change the world together. 

O U R   V I S I O N   F O R   2 0 1 8

Dapper and Dame started a few years ago as a chance to shoot weddings differently. There are so many amazing wedding photographers and filmmakers in the area but the goal was never to beat anyone or to promote or draw business in; the goal was always to become better at capturing couples stories each wedding. The memories we have gotten to capture are so many with so many different styles and couples. For 2018 our goal is to capture couples stories in a way that would both document their day and be able to serve as an irreplaceable archive for the rest of their lives so that their lives would be enriched to share with others.
I can remember when my grandparents pulled out an audio recording of their parents wedding day; we stopped and listened the the day play out and started tearing up as we heard the simple audio clips from so many years ago. That was all that they had from their day and yet it left a lasting impact on us multiple generations later. That is our vision for this next year; to capture stories to bring back to life the wedding memories from years before. We cannot wait to share new stories this next year while holding onto the memories of our treasured couples from the years before.


One of the most breath taking moments is waiting for the perfect golden hour sun to capture a soft still romantic photograph. Emily modeled a few bridals for us at Griffith Park in Los Angeles with a simple white dress and gorgeous florals that complimented the golden tones of the evening.


Daniel and Caroline celebrated their wedding earlier this year but decided to model for a few more photos months after to share with their friends and family. LACMA was the perfect scene and  their photos are such great picture of the love they share in their first year of marriage.


Kyle and Michaela were such a fun couple to shoot and had so much fun at Griffiths Observatory in Los Angeles California. Kyle was constantly flirting with his bride and both of them made some incredible photos.



I love the unique and powerful love that Jonathan and Emily share because it is unlike any other.  With so many weddings every one is so special and so different. Jonathan and Emily celebrated bringing two families together in such a special way. It's always a treat when the groom has a J. Crew background, and the bride and her bridesmaids are gorgeous, but that only added to the style of a beautiful couple at heart. 


The combination of love and excitement Taylor and Bree had for each other was so contagious on the day of their wedding. From the moment we walked in there was an atmosphere of joy throughout the gorgeous white barn venue at the White Sparrow. Taylor and his now WIFE Bree shared such special sweet moments together as well as celebrating with all of their friends and family.


I have never seen a groom more excited to see his bride than watching Blake get giddy to see Sarah before she walked down the isle. Before the reveal Blake and I had a chance to sit down and talk and the whole time he kept looking down at his watch and asking how much time tim he saw her. Sarah and Blake's wedding was such a treasure to be apart of, and the rain only made for more beautiful wedding footage.